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Monday, June 30, 2008

Avant Browser


what's it ?

  • Avant Browser allows users to browse multiple Web sites simultaneously and to block all unwanted pop-up pages and Flash ads automatically.
  • The integrated cleaner helps users clear all traces and maintain privacy.


  • The built-in Yahoo and Google search engines enable users to search for Web pages, images, groups, directories, lyrics, software, and news on the Internet.
  • Avant Browser provides options for blocking the download of Flash media, pictures, video, sounds, and ActiveX components, so users can efficiently use their bandwidth and speed up page loading.
  • All opened pages can be stopped, refreshed, closed, or arranged with one click.
  • It also comes with built-in RSS reader.
  • Its similar Web sites bar displays Web sites, which are related to the opened Web pages.

Version 11.6 build 20 fixes a bug of restoring main window from hidden.


Avant is a good browser with some nice built-in features and interface-customization options, but the lack of extensibility and Vista problems don't help. We recommend it to XP users who want a Microsoft-based engine but think that Internet Explorer 7 is a pain.